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Benefits of Membership

  • Professional Designation of "Certified Public Accountant"or "International Certified Public Accountant"  Members can use respective designation after their name. ( Ex. ACPA/ AICPA, FCPA/FICPA Etc.)

  • Membership Certificate - As a Confirmation of professional designation of The Association of CPA's

  • Professional Certification & Training as " CPA" - A Recognized Professional Certification to upgrade your skills 

  • Practicing Certificate- To further hold your self eligible for Public Practice as Professional Accountant

  • Member ID Card

  • CPD/CPE to Maintain Professional Standards

  • Professional Resources, Guidance, Discounts and offers on various professional resources, software etc

Please note with the benefits of membership One needs to maintain membership his/her membership in good standing which means fulfilling following obligations-

  • Member needs to pay  for Entrance & Membership fees , CPA Certification, CoP (If Applicable).

  • Member has to complete 40 hrs. Of CPD Training or any other mandatory CPD programs 

  • Students will have to undergo CPA Certification & Training and consequently will get certificate

Work Area of The Institute & It's Members-


Institute’s members are largely practicing. They work specifically for Private Sector/ SME’s which are otherwise known to be operating as -

  • Sole proprietary firms

  • Partnership Firms/LLP’s

  • Trust /Societies/Charities- Not for Profit Co's

  • Private Limited Companies

  • Cooperative societies/ CIC's etc.

 (While mentioning above institute expressly intends to exclude any work of  public sector such as Large & Public Listed Co’s\Banking & Financial Companies\ Insurance companies \ Government Entities etc)

Our institute’s membership doesn't confer any right to perform audit or attestation which is otherwise required to be performed by a qualified accountant as per the relevant statutes....


 They render following services to above mentioned entities …

  • Bookkeeping, Accounting & Compilation of year ending financial statements

  • preparation of management or financial accounts for specific purposes  

  • Trust& Society Audits (by a registered auditors only)

  • Internal audit of accounting and internal control systems

  • Advice or consultancy on accounting and financial reporting systems

  • Payroll services & Labor Laws Consultancy/Compliance Services

  • Dealing with all taxation matters (from registration, returns to assessment works)

  • Other Business regulatory laws compliance and advisory services

  • preparation of cash flows

  • preparation of budgets and forecasts, projections

  • business funding advice/ banking financial consultancy

  • due diligence (i.e. investigations into the accounting or financial aspects of a transaction such as a company take-over)

  • management consultancy on accountancy activities

  • forensic accounting & fraud reporting


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